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Welcome to Over 1.5 Goals, a new offering from the award-winning Banker-Bets service that’s been providing profitable betting tips to subscribers since 2014.

Beginning on September 1st, 2021, our Over 1.5 goals betting tips have provided 72% bank growth at level stakes or 108% profit using the recommended daily
compounding staking system

With a modest £1,000 starting bank, that works out to £720 profit at flat stakes or £1,080 profit with our recommended compounding method in a little under 4 months!


108% Bank Growth Since September 1st, 2021!

2021-2022 Results


MonthBetsWins LossesWin %ProfitROC
2021 Totals1791572287.71%£1,080.13108.01%
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Enjoy Ou87.71% Winning Strikerate!

Though odds are short with an average price of 1.18, this is more than made up for with a winning strikerate of 87.71%.

That means losses are few and far between with a worst losing run of 2 consecutive bets and a best run of 18 consecutive winners to date.

 If you’re more of a gambler who loves chasing big odds winners than this probably isn’t the service for you, but if you consider yourself an investor who treats their betting like a business with long-term profit as the primary goal then you’ll feel very at home here.

And while betting at short odds may not provide the adrenaline rush that an occasional big odds winner does, I assure you that almost never losing while you steadily grow your betting bank is extremely satisfying.


18 Winners in A Row From November 20th to December 1st!



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