Ready to Trade Football Like a Pro?

Welcome to the latest addition to the Banker-Bets site, our new Football Trading Clubs led by professional football trader Chris.

Chris has been generating a steady income from live-trading football matches over the past several years, and he's refined his trading into a portfolio of 14 profitable betting strategies.

In the clubs you'll find a mix of back and lay betting, some pre-match and some in-play, and you'll receive instant notification of every recommended bet in our Telegram channel along with real-time explanations from Chris about why he chooses to close trades, helping you learn to trade on your own.

Since I began following Chris in April of 2022 he's amassed over 1,215 points profit, working out to £12,151 in the bank at £10 per point in a mere 13 months!

It all began in April, 2022 with 6 trading strategies that generated 825.88 points profit through the end of December:


2022 Trading Strategies
  • Lay the Draw
  • Halftime Lay the Draw
  • 60 Minutes Lay the Draw
  • Double Chance
  • Draw no Bet
  • Second Half Goals

After rigorous testing, 8 new strategies were added at the beginning of 2023 and we're now on pace to deliver well over 1,000 points profit by the end of the year!


New Strategies in 2023
  • Home Win
  • Home Win Lay the Draw
  • Home Value Draws
  • Home Value Double Chance
  • Home Value Draw No bet
  • 15 Minute Alert
  • Lay the Draw Version 2
  • Halftime Lay the Draw Version 2

Combined with the original strategies released in 2022, these have achieved total profit of 389.28 points in the first 4 months of 2023, or £3,892.80 at £10 per point.


 Football Trading Clubs Results

Year Points Profit Profit at £10 Per Point ROI
2022 825.88 £8,258.82 6.88%
2023 389.28 £3,892.81 6.44%
Totals 1,215.16 £12,151.63 6.73%

Check the complete 2022 results history here

Check the complete 2023 results history here


What's Included?

When you join the Banker-Bets Football Trading Clubs you'll have full access to the same 14 back and lay trading strategies that have earned more than 1,215 points profit since April, 2022.

We'll also include some bonus in-play trading opportunities including a daily short-list of matches ideal for trading in the Over 1.5 and Over 2.5 goals markets.

New to trading?

Not to worry...

As soon as you join you'll be sent a comprehensive Trading Guide which explains each of the strategies in detail, and rest assured Chris will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

All bets are delivered instantly in our members-only Telegram channel, where Chris posts regular live updates, tradeout recommendations and explains the reasoning behind many of his decisions, helping you learn to trade on your own.

Here's an example of what it will look like...




Keys to Success

Please be advised that a subscription alone will not guarantee you a significant profit.

Though many of the bets can be placed in advance, in order to follow all the strategies and make the most out of the service you'll need to be available to place in-play trades.

You'll also need to keep the right Mindset, Discipline and Bank Management as outlined in the comprehensive trading guide that you'll receive immediately after joining.



Our Promise to You

This is still a newer service, and the subscription price may rise substantially in the future as we build our reputation and add more profitable trading strategies to the mix.

But when you join us now as an original member you'll lock in the initial price for as long as you maintain your current subscription.

That means you'll never be subjected to a price increase, receiving all the tips from any new strategies we add to the service automatically for no additional charge.


Take Advantage of our 70% Discount Offer!

We're currently offering a 70% Introductory Discount off the first month of all new Trading Clubs subscriptions.

That means you can try out the service for a full month for just £9.95.


Claim Your Introductory Discount Below!

Trading Monthly
Introductory Discount

for the first month
Then £33 per month
* All 6 Football Trading Strategies
* Bonus In-Play Bets
* Prompt, courteous customer support

Trading Quarterly
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Then £79 every 3 months
* Save £20 off the monthly rate!
* All 6 Football Trading Strategies
* Bonus In-Play Bets
* Prompt, courteous customer support

Trading Yearly
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Then £277 per year
* Save £119.00 off the monthly rate!
* All 6 Football Trading Strategies
Bonus In-Play Bets
* Prompt, courteous customer support